It Depends #34

Hello, folks!

The 34th edition of my weekly newsletter “It Depends” is out!

This week I wrote about why the trope of “move fast” should not be about movement at all but rather about creating the ability to move fast. Learning from the customer and solving their problems should occupy far more brain space for a team than the process of “cranking the wheel”.

From the internet, the guidelines on building “well-architected” systems on AWS, a history of socio-technical system design by F.M. van Eijnatten, thoughts on event sourcing as an antipattern by @OliverLibutzki, and the art of self-organizing engineering teams by Tom Sommer.

If you like reading about technology and great teams that build technology, you should sign up for the next edition. Bring your friends too! You can check out the previous editions in the archive.

Have a good weekend!




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