It Depends #44

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Hello everyone!

I just sent out It Depends #44. Go get your weekly dose of great weekend reading!

This week on the blog, I discuss technical debt. I find it instructive to view software engineering as the process of converting tech debt into knowledge about the problem domain. So if a team can deliberately take on tech debt and continuously eliminate the worst of it, they can achieve a lot.

For those who prefer audio, you can check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

From the internet this week, the Cloudflare team on edge computing, @lsanger explains what decentralization requires, @jamesurquhart on Flow architecture, and @tastapod on testing.

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Code, products, platforms, books, music

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Kislay Verma

Kislay Verma

Code, products, platforms, books, music

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