It Depends #45

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Hello Everyone!

I just sent out It Depends #45. Go get your weekly dose of great weekend reading!

For those who prefer audio, you can get the podcast on Spotify, Apple, and Google.

This week on the blog, we cover the rise of edge computing as a transformative new architectural paradigm. We discuss the various use-cases that it will unlock, the companies that are taking a lead in this field, and the ways in which it will change the developer experience.

From the internet this week, @RonJeffries shares perspective on the agile manifesto, @adlrocha on IPFS, a couple of guides to understanding the ports-and-adapters architecture, and @CGLambdin on the infinite varieties of bureaucratic blunders.

If you like reading about technology and teams that build technology, sign up for the next edition and bring your friends too! You can check out the previous editions in the archive.






Code, products, platforms, books, music

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Kislay Verma

Kislay Verma

Code, products, platforms, books, music

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