It Depends #47

Hello everyone.

The latest episode of It Depends is out! Go get your weekly dose of great technical reading.

This week on the blog, I shared some guidelines on how to write good libraries. These are slightly meta as compared to the usual hard-nosed advise on API design, abstraction, etc, but I hope you willl find them useful.

From the internet this week, the @Dream11 approach to scalability, a beginner’s guide to domain driven design using Symfony, empowering autonomous teams, and @lesscraiglarman ‘s law of organizational behaviour.

If you like reading about technology and teams that build technology, sign up for the next edition and bring your friends! You can check out the previous editions in the archive.






Code, products, platforms, books, music

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Kislay Verma

Kislay Verma

Code, products, platforms, books, music

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