It Depends #55

Hello everyone!

The 55th episode of “It Depends”, my weekly newsletter on software engineering is out. This one is a doozy, even if I say so myself. Don’t miss it.

This week I have put together a comprehensive look into scalability. I explain what it means, why we sometimes don’t have it, and what can we do to make scalable systems.

From the internet this week, @Sander_Mak on scale up at Picnic, a comprehensive review of literature on systems thinking in engineering, and @jessitron on why we need better software, not better coordination.

If you like reading about software engineering and teams that build software systems, sign up for the next edition and bring your friends! You can check out the previous editions in the archive.

Have a great weekend!





Code, products, platforms, books, music

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Kislay Verma

Kislay Verma

Code, products, platforms, books, music

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